About Hansonish

The media, the mayhem, the madness.

This isn't Hanson's official site. It's a fan site about Hanson. Ish. With a bit of ridiculousness thrown in for good measure.

Hansonish.com was launched in January of 2011. I've been making Hansonish things for years, from sims skins to wallpapers to icons and logos. I've made this site to showcase and share these items with you, as well as have a bit of fun designing a Hanson site. Bring on the site-ness!

Oh yeah. I almost forgot - I adore my 404 page. So check it out if you'd like to get lost for awhile!



Tech Specs

I designed the layout in Photoshop, then hand-coded the HTML/CSS and what have you. I installed Wordpress for the SOTW blog to make life easier for managing that sort of thing. I also dug up a bunch of custom scripts for contact forms, guestbooks, and random other items. After getting everything set up and ready to rock, it was just researching, writing content, and prettying things up. Easy peasy. Sort of.


CSS Help

Scripts 'n Such