June 8, 2010
#2 - Billboard Top Indie Albums
Recorded At
Sonic Ranch: El Paso, TX
3CG Studios: Tulsa, OK
Sunset Sound: Los Angeles, CA

Shout It Out

Where Hanson gets their retro-inspired groove back

To me, Shout it Out picks up where Middle of Nowhere left off. Hanson had a whole set of slower, down-ier albums before coming back to what inspired them: classic rock and roll, pop, and a catchy beat. This album has that same wonderful 'road trip on a summer day' feel that Middle of Nowhere had. It's what I love most about this album.


Fourteen years removed from their time in the spotlight, the rock trio Hanson are still making albums, still touring the country and still selling records. And while their omnipresence on radio may indeed be behind them, their fifth studio album (ninth overall) Shout It Out, is bonafide proof that Hanson are far from a flash in the pan. Drawing on the classic sounds of R&B, soul and blues albums they listened to growing up, Shout it Out is a breezy, sun-kissed collection of 12 hook-heavy, brass-indebted rock songs not unlike Chicago's 17.

The Songs

Album Credits

I don't know exactly why, but I've always been a sucker for album credits. They let you in to this little inside world of who was where when - who assisted, produced, coaxed, inspired, and deterred the recording process. There are all these cool connections and rabbit trails you can follow back once you get to know the band.

For example, Dimitrius Collins is listed under Additional Thanks. He's played the last several tours as a member of the five-piece touring band that is Hanson, and will help out on keys, guitar, percussion, or pretty much any other instrument you need covered. He and William Birckhead, Hanson's Tour-bassist, are also in the Thinkin 'Bout Somethin' video. But William Birckhead is also credited as Bass in the album production, and has a special note in the general credits instead of under Additional Thanks. Which makes me start to wonder what additional role he's played over the years... There are just so many places to go with album credits!

Without further ado, the credits (colors as in the album booklet, for authenticity bonus points):

Produced, Written, and Performed by HANSON
Engineered by Craig Alvin & Ryan Williamson
+ Engineered by Steve Churchyard
Recorded @ Sonic Ranch, El Paso, TX & 3CG Studios, Tulsa, OK
Assisted by Charles Godfrey & Manuel Calderon
+ Recorded at Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, CA
Assisted by Morgan Stratton
All Horns Recorded by Steve Churchyard @ Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, CA
Mixed by John Goodmanson @ Electrokitty & Robert Lang Studios, Seattle WA
All songs I Hanson, T Hanson, Z Hanson - Jam Ďní Bread Music (ASCAP)
Isaac Hanson - Vocals, Electric, Acoustic, 12 String & Nylon Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Keys, Claps
Taylor Hanson - Vocals, Piano, B3, Organ, Wurlitzer, Rhodes, Drums, Congas, Percussion, Claps
Zachary Hanson - Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Claps, Piano, Wurlitzer
Bob Babbitt - Bass on 2, 3, 5, 8 & 10
William Birckhead - Bass on 1, 4, 7, 9 & 11
Ryan Williamson - Jack Danielís Bottle
Jerry Hey - Horn Arranger
Gary Grant, Dan Fornero - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Dan Higgins - Saxes
Bill Reichenbach - Trombines, Baritone Horn

This grouping of songs reflects a moment in time for this band, a set of songs crafted on the road in between the madness of our lives. Touring, raising familes walking hundreds of barefoot miles to help those less fortunate with new and old friends, and grinding away at the stone to build our cottage industry of an independent music company. /It is music that remembers itís roots, and picks up a fresh blast of color for the next pages. As with so many of our endeavors, we have many people to thank whyo have helped us make it all possible and accomplish amazing things Thank you to each of our amazing little families who support us with their trust, patience and love and give us new inspiration each day: Isaacís Ė Nikki, Everett and Munroe; Taylorís Ė Natalie, Ezra, Penelope, River and Viggo; and Zacís Ė Kate and Shepherd. Thank you to our family Ė (Mom and dad, brothers and sisters) who have always given us their love, encouragement and incredible dedication whenever itís needed year after year: Walker, Diana, Jessica, Avie, Mac and Zoe. Thank you to everyone who has been a part helping to capture this music. Craig Alvin and Ryan Williamson, who helped craft the majority of this dusty song selection with their time and talent out in more than one middle of nowhere. Tony Ranchich, Charles Godfrey, Manuel Calderon and everyone at Sonic Ranch who fueled our sonic ambitions with burritos and gun poweder. Steve Churchyard who helped add the final colors and whoís contribution is always nothing less than the best. Craig Hubler and Morgan Stratton at Sunset Sound. John Goodmandson who helped us complete the picture. Andrew Mendelson at

Georgetown Masters for the expert framing. A special thanks to Jerry Hey, for his talent and refreshing contribution to the while shape of this album with the amazing horn arrangements, and to Gary Grant, Dan Fornero, Dan Higgins & Bill Reichenbach for their great performances. Thank you to those who laid down the bottom end of the record, the legendary Bob Babbitt (thanks to Steve Jordan & Michael Bearden for connecting us, and to our friend and band mate, the amazing Will Birckhead. Thank you to our growing team of misfits in Tulsa: Rebecca, for helping us bring the big ideas from concept to action with hours of dedication in every time zone; Walker who is always dedicated to our future and lives out that support through daily counsel; Paul for the creativity and ideas to help build a bigger picture for the world to see; Kate for keeping this engine running; Jessica who manages the high (and low) shelves as well as all the trimmings without missing a beat; Leigh who helps share our message with those that support our music most and does the arduous jobs on late nights; Todd, Jon, Chris, Will and the whole New Medio team who help us build new toys and a backbone for our music to live and thrive online. Thank you to the rest of our team and varied partners who are working to spread the word and bring together all the disparate parts: Mike Selverne @ Selverne & Co; Aaron Pinkus & Jeffrey Hasson @ Paradigm; Neil Warnock @ The Agency Group; Ken Phillips; Ken Weinstein @ Big Hassle; George Vuckovic @ Titled; Trevor & Lisa Niemann; Josh Scheiner & Davis Cox @ Apex Exposure.

Additional thanks:
Jiro Schneider, Jilann OíNeill, Miles Siggins, Darshan Phillips @ Live4This, David Silver, Karen Glauber, Coran Capshaw, Kevin Morris, Dan Weiner, Ashley Greyson, Ana Calderon, Chris Hilmes, Jennifer Tefft, Marko Shafer, Carrick Moore-Gerety, Jeremy Charles, Nate Preseley, Heather Hall, Kelly Kerr, ML Procise, Aaron Wilhelm, David Garza, Bryan Johnson @ abryanphoto, Craig Johnson @ Matchstic, Bob Borbonus @ Taylor Guitars, Jamie Tworkowski @ TWLOHA, Rich Goldman and Dan Silver @ Riptide, Bryan and Mike @ SJC drums, Noah Roberts, Bryan ďMuffĒ Hargrave, Dimitrius Collins, Paul ďPunchyĒ Stenstrom, Mark ďMachineĒ Graham, Tim Durfey, MEep Meep, Kevin Sproatt, Joseph Wright, Todd Edwards, Tim Hooten & Katie Hooten @ Blue Yonder, Rachel Dean. To our partners and friends who we have been proud to work with in our shared missions aiding those amidst extreme poverty across Africa, and beyond: Tayloe Emery for JTE Creative Group; Peter Griesarl Blake Mycoskie, Candice Wolfswinkel, Allie Dorninguez and Autumn Petersen @ TOMSl Dan HAseltine, Jena Nardella, Matt Ward and Kellie Lutito @ Blood:Water; Sean Carasso @ Falling Whistles; Craig Kielburger, Marc Kielburger & Russ McLeod @ Free The Children; Glenda Gray, James McIntyre & Steven Whiting @ HIVSA; Dr Helene Gayle & Kristi Wooten at CARE.
To each of you, in so many ways, thank you. Finally and most of all, thank you to our maker, our confidant and our provider who continues to cover us with grace and freedom, and fills us with His purpose.

The First Single

Album Art

The album art for Shout it Out was designed by Hanson and created with a combination of love, impatience, and cheap acrylic paint.

This album features a pop-art theme, with bold primary colors and simplistic black brushwork. The symbols and paintings/sketches were done by Hanson themselves, in a fit of creative comraderie.

I'm still not sure if I like the artwork or not. I do like the photos, though - they've got some good shots.

Waiting for This Thinkin 'Bout Somethin' Kiss Me When You Come Home Carry You There Give A Little Make It Out Alive/And I Waited Use Me Up These Walls Musical Ride Voice in the Chorus / Me Myself and I Shout It Out: Album Credits Shout It Out: Booklet Back Shout It Out: Inside Case (back) Shout It Out: Back of Case Shout It Out: Front Cover