Hanson, the Band

I just wanna rock n roll

Let me introduce you to Hanson.

They're three brothers in a band called Hanson - not so strangely, also their last name.

Hanson, the band, has been around since 1995 or so, and released their major-label debut in May of 1997. It was poppy, exuberant, and completely different from what else was on the music scene at the time. Their hit single, MMMBop, was at the sametime annoying, catchy, joyful, and simply but well-written. I loved it. When Isaac, Taylor, and Zac's first album came out they were aged 16, 14, and 11 respectively, with long hair and a screaming teen fanbase.

The members of Hanson have by now cut off their long locks. They are well past pubesence, though that's what they're remembered for. They've been recording, touring, and writing music for years. They're family men who love music and pretty much everything that goes with it, from instruments to gear to the latest media trend.

They also grow some unsightly facial hair.

Hanson split from their record label, Island Def-Jam, in 2003 after several record company mergers and Ďartistic differencesí. Hanson wanted to make their music their way, and the label just wanted to have the next hit single. These two goals were uneasy bedfellows, so Hanson left to start their own label: 3CG Records. Hanson made a documentary about the splitting process in a heartfelt but B-Market sort of way, called Strong Enough to Break. Itís enjoyed by most fans, and is featured in some post-secondary school curriculums as a realistic portrayal of the state of the music industry.

Each album Hanson releases is a little different, yet still maintains their overall pop-rock-with-vintage-influences feel. Their music is catchy, repeats itself a lot (for which I have a love/hate relationship), and has some great hooks. Hanson has been refining their music for now, and seem to be settling into their groove.


Meet Hanson's Members

The men whose music rocks my socks off

Guitar: Isaac

Isaac is the most passionate band member. When things are going good, he's flying high. And when they're not, well... he's definitely not. I particularly like his version of Bill Withers' 'Ain No Sunshine', which he played on The Walk tour.

Isaac's Instruments

  • Guitar (electric & acoustic)
  • Bass
  • Mandolin
  • Accordion
  • Piano

Clarke Isaac Hanson

  • Nickname: Ike
  • Currently old
  • Married with 2 children
  • Enjoys whiskey and cigars
  • Does a pretty good Kermit the Frog impression

Piano: Taylor

Taylor is the member of Hanson most likely to sound like a PR Executive. He's always got the right words to say. Taylor is always encouraging audience participation, be it in the form of singing, clapping, dancing, or general ruckus-raising.

Taylor's Instruments

  • Piano & Keyboards
  • Tambourine
  • Drums
  • Guitar

Jordan Taylor Hanson

  • Nickname: Tay
  • Currently old
  • Married with 4 children
  • Enjoys cooking
  • Always has a smile
  • Most likely to rock some new fashion

Drums: Zac

Zac is big into movies and video games, and is sure to say something that's either funny, ridiculous, or sure to piss people off. He believes that drumming shouldn't take over a song, but should compliment the rest of the arrangement.

Zac's Instruments

  • Drums
  • Percussion
  • Piano
  • Guitar

Zachary Walker Hanson

  • Nickname: Zac
  • Currently old
  • Married with 2 children
  • Plays a ton of video games
  • Likes tees with slogans
  • Most likely to make me laugh