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And a bit about me, too.

I remember the day my older sister brought Hanson's first album home. I listened to the first few tracks, leafed through the album booklet, and asked her which ones were girls. Therein started my love of Hanson.

Hanson has inspired me for years: their passion for music, their energy and doggedness, the exuberance you occasionally see when they let everything else stop. Even their comic preference for Dr. Pepper has a certain appeal.

At the end of the day the music makes me happy. And I like the people behind it.

'Nuff said.



martha: the makeinator

I've been a Hanson fan for .
I've been to 8 12 Hanson shows, the first in 2005.
My favorite show was at the Palace in LA.
Because of my meet N greet. And Everybody Else.
I'm still not big on Dr. Pepper. But I've tried to like it.
My husband supports my Hanson habit. Love him.
I heart the 2010 Christmas special to death.
That, and Hanson singing Queen.
Taylor's fashion sense still surprises me.
But I mostly end up digging it in the end.