Hanson's Halloween Costumes

What to wear on a spooky night


Photo by Faith Keay

Where They Were
Hanson played three shows on October 31st at EPCOT's International Food and Wine Festival (see a fan review), during the Shout It Out tour.

What They Wore
Hanson trooped on to stage as.. you guessed it.. storm troopers (think Star Wars). All five band members, including Will and Dimitrius, the backup players, were dressed in identical costumes. Even if Hanson hadn't mentioned in the past that they like Star Wars, I think the fact that this is their second halloween costume featuring Star Wars characters (see Zac in 2007) might have tipped us off. Wanna buy one for yourself? I found the same one online. Score.


Graphic by Hanson.net. Photos captured from LiveStream

Where They Were
Hanson played a fanclub members-only event in Tulsa (Oklahoma). Tulsa is Hanson's hometown, and they're always happy to play another show there. Featured that evening were a costume contest, 5of5 preview, a live performance, and Q and A with the band. I was really quite tempted to fly down to Tulsa with my sister for this event. I adore dressing up.

What They Wore
Isaac, Taylor and Zac went as the Three Musketeers. I'm not sure who was d'Artagnan, but it sure wasn't Zac. Perhaps it was Taylor - because Zac was dressed as a Three Musketeers chocolate bar. Personally my bets would be on Isaac being Porthos (played by Oliver Platt in the 1993 film as a man who loves a good wenching).

Want to dress up as a musketeer? You'll need a fancy blue hat with a plume, a blue cape to match with a fleur-de-lis on the front. Preferably one with a white collar and arm slits for all the sword fighting. Don't forget a good piece of steel and some big boots to top it off.


Photo by Hanson.net

Where They Were
Halloween 2009 found Hanson playing a show in the Houston (Texas) House of Blues. It was during the Use Your Sole tour era, and they were most likely wearing TOMS shoes.

What They Wore
Isaac, Taylor and Zac were dressed identically for this show - as the Three Amigos. For those of you who haven't heard, Three Amigos is a rather ridiculous movie starring Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short. The play unemployed actors who go to a Mexican village to replay their bandit fighter roles - but they actually have to fight real bandits!

The costume is all about black sombreros, bedazzled mexican outfits, red cumberbunds, and frilled-front shirts. Wherever they got their costumes, they're really quite good. Kudos.

You'll also notice Will Birckhead and Dimitrius Collins (l to r) in this photo, playing the dastardly bandits. They normally front as part of Hanson's 5-piece touring band. But beware the ponchoed version - you could be in for a big surprise!


Where They Were
Hanson were billed as "Frighteningly Fabulous Entertainment" for the West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnaval on October 31st. They showed up in couples' costumes with their wives, and stayed around long enough to perform a quick set and accept an award.

What They Wore
Taylor and Natalie went as Elvis and Priscilla Presley. He was "white-lame" elvis, with washout dark brown hair dye, big shades, and a sequined costume that managed to display a lot of rather scraggly chest hair. She sported a black 60s sheath dress, hugely backcombed black wig, and some fabulous blue eyeshadow.

Isaac and Nicole were dressed as as a pirate and his wife/wench. He had a rather shiny black eyepatch, one of the wife's clip-on earrings, and a piratey-loose shirt with vest. I particularly liked how he grew and dyed black a goatee and soul patch to better go with his stick-on mustache. It looks like Isaac had a head start on Movember. Nikki looked chic in her short white dress, fishnets, and a piratey overcoat to go with Isaac's. She also had this great black hat with gold trim and giant red ribbons.

Zac and Kate doubled as Anakin and Amidala from Star Wars: Episode 1. Zac's Jedi look was simple, yet somehow still brilliant - it just worked. I have a sneaky suspicion that Zac had the light sabre lying around at home already. Kate was slim and sweet in her head to toe white Amadala outfit, complete with gauzy cape.

I wanna meet her so that I can say...hey Kate. Thanks, Ben Folds.


Photo by GettyImages

Where They Were
This was the first time Hanson had publicized halloween costumes. I remember the day well. The hanson.net forums were buzzing with snide comments and amusing remarks about the costumes. This is still one of my favorite sets of Hanson's halloween costumes.

What They Wore
Isaac was a killer bee. It's not that apparent in this photo, but he has a large stinger on his rear end to complement his shoulder-slung ammunition and eye patch (Wich makes a stunning reappearance in 2007 - way to reuse!)

Taylor was a gorilla. I think that he actually bought that costume, because the gorilla head crops up occasionally in photos of Hanson in the recording studio. I'm not sure how the graffitied jean jacket ties in. But either way it looks like it was fun to make.

Zac, in the costume to end all costumes, was a ballerina. I'm not sure how he came up with this, but I think it's brilliant. The tutu was almost floor length, and he has these great big gauzy wings, which go well with his tiara and wand. And leather jacket. Maybe he snuck this costume out of one of his sisters' closets at the last minute. What do you think?