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random thoughts on Hansonish things


Halloween Costumes: outfits we love to comment on

Hanson's Web Presence: a pictoral listing of Hanson's many websites

Hansonline to a history of Hanson's official site

Christmas Special 2010: Merry Christmas and a Hanson New Year

Hanson Family Tree: keeping track of all those beautiful babies


Fools Banquet

Fools Banquet Overview: Hanson's weeklong music camp

Fools Banquet 2010: artists, songs, lyrics

Fools Banquet 2009: artists, songs, lyrics, photos

Fools Banquet 2008: artists, songs, lyrics, photos

Fools Banquet 2007: artists, songs, lyrics

Fools Banquet 2006: artists, songs, lyrics, photo

Fools Banquet 2005: pretty much nothing


The Music

Anthem: Hanson's 2013 album

Facing The Blank Page: A 5-song EP, written and recorded in 5 days

Shout It Out: Hanson's 2010 album



Hanson & the Blues Brothers: Inside the Thinkin' 'Bout Somethin' music video

Strong Enough to Break: Watch the trailer, read up on or watch the documentary

Video: Walk Tour Adventures: We head down to Cali to catch 5 Hanson shows



Songs Hanson Should Cover: music I'd love to hear Hanson play live

The Calgary Show: commentary & photos from the January 2012 show

The Sherwood Park Show: commentary & photos from January 2012 show

At the Regina Show: a review (and photos!) of the September 2011 show

Hansonish Concert Guide: a rundown on how to rock a Hanson show