Ryan Williamson

Ryan d. Williamson   Mixer Producer   NashvilleI’ve been geeking out over album credits lately (top secret website makeover in progress, ssshhhh…) and came across Ryan Williamson. He’s credited as the engineer for Hanson’s album Anthem, and it looks like he’s worked on several of the other albums as well. Innnteresting.

Check him out: Ryan d. Williamson

Blues Traveler

Blues TravelerI’m not sure if I’ve mentioned Blues Traveler here sometime in the distant past, but if so, here goes round 2. Hanson teamed up with John Popper, frontman for Blues Traveler, on Hanson’s second album. John recorded the harmonica parts for “If Only” and “In The City”.  Now the two bands are teaming up again 15 years later, this time to record a track called “Top of the World” (check it out on iTunes) on Blues Traveler’s new album “Blow Up The Moon”.

Read an article on the collaboration or check out BluesTraveler.com

Nat On The Wall

natonthewall   finding the learning in livingHanson makes their home in Tulsa, and often speaks of it fondly. Natalie also seems to love Tulsa, and started a blog about finding new places to explore and, as her site puts it, find the learning and living. She writes commentary (and has some super cute photos) about public museums, aquariums, and places where young families can explore and learn.

Check it out: NatOnTheWall.com

Hanson Vault

There’s a new site on the Hanson scene – say hello to HansonVault.com. It’s a repository of all things Hanson – tour dates, lyrics, news articles, photos. Gabby sent me an email awhile back to let me know about her site, and it’s now officially launched. It looks like she’s been having a great time collecting content, making a nice wordpress theme, and putting everything together. Thumbs up, Gabby!

Check it out at hansonVault.com

MmmHops Beer

I came across the MmmHops site today when I was reading up on Hanson’s long-awaited launch of MmmHops Beer. That’s right, Hanson made a beer.

So far the MmmHops site is mostly a mailing list/distributor contact form plus some merch sales. Hopefully more to come as Hanson’s beer spreads out of Oklahoma.

Oh, and if you say you’re not over 21 on the Homepage you get redirected to the youtube page for Hanson’s latest single, Get The Girl Back. Amusing.

Check it out at mmmhops.com

O Music Awards

I just got an email (which looks decently legit) from Gotham Casting. They’re trying to get some diehard fans from the bands playing the O Music Awards to show up for a few days (June 19-20, 2013) during filming in New York. Too bad I don’t live close enough to make it on short notice.

Want tickets? Here’s how to score them:

  • Email – mtvawards@gothamcasting.com
  • (Include “Hanson” in the subject line)
  • Include name, Age (18&up), your photo, and who you want to see take home an award!

Need more details in a slightly overblown format? Here’s what they sent me:

DATE- June 19 & 20
TIMES- shoots 24 hours from 7p 6/19 – 7p 6/20
-This is a 24hour show, audience will stay for 3-4 hours of music at MTV!

This 24 hour “Live Music Day Festival” will feature more than 50 bands and include an eclectic mix of indie, rock, folk, country, hip-hop, pop, electronic dance music and R&B artists. From Atlas Genius to the Jonas Brothers to Kate Nash.

See all categories and nominees here http://www.omusicawards.com/

And to guarantee an amazing experience, Questlove is kicking off a 24-hour-drum-a-thon that will serve as the heartbeat for “Live Music Day.”

It’s a celebration of the convergence of Music, Technology & Fans – a live party to honor the artists, innovators and fans that are impacting music, technology and counter culture.

The O Music Awards will Livestream on June 19th at 7pm ET/4pm PT- and you can be part of it!

Tickets are limited SO APPLY NOW!